School Pages – Digital Of Course!

Every summer I look over the photos I’ve taken of my daughter throughout the school year and create 2-6 pages to celebrate and remember her year. In 2009 she began middle school and so this was a new chapter, deserving of a new album. This year was the time to switch to a digital album, and I loved creating clean, graphic pages which showcased the photos and her stories.

GMS’s colors are Red, White and Black, but you probably already figured that out!

I used Storybook Creator Plus for the 12×12 layout which is easy and fast! I invested in a large format printer last year and made my prints on that. Once the prints are made, easy peasy, they get slipped into sleeves in a (you guessed it) 12×12 Red Album!

I actually enjoyed this process so much, when 7th Grade started two weeks ago, I got a jump on next summer’s project and started my first page. I especially love the photos of the labels from her new clothes. As a family historian, I love when I remember to photograph the details. Of course there are still gray squares waiting for photos, but I know they’ll come along soon!

What details are you noticing as your kids head back to school?


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