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October 8, 2010

A Picture Could Be Worth A Thousand Words, But…

Probably like you, over the years I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures of the wild horses that live on Cumberland Island. The images include dunes like this, or perhaps the Dungeness ruins on the south end of the island. The photos are romantic and leave you with the feeling that these horses have “the life.”¬†Coming upon wild horses on the island is really quite magical.

However, according to the naturalist who took us on a tour of the island, many of these feral horses are quite ill, riddled with parasites and live shortened lives due to being transplanted to an “non-native” environment. If you are interested in learning more, I liked this short article which talks about the horse’s beauty as well as addressing health and conservation issues.

I’m fairly scared of horses, so no one needed to remind me that they were wild animals and should not be approached. However even at a distance, some of the horses didn’t have a healthy appearance.

And yet, the photos are still stunning and speak of a kind of wildness that many people romanticize.

And it got me thinking about scrapbooking and telling our stories. There are times when the picture does tell the story better than we ever could, but most often I think the photo suggests a story. If our words aren’t there, the viewer fills in the story. If we want to communicate about our lives through our photo albums, we need to write the story. ¬†We need to include the funny things someone said or tell about the disaster that made the day even more memorable. We need to share the feelings we had that day; or if it’s years later, how we feel now as we look at the photos.

No one can tell your story but you. There is no need to get overwhelmed, tell one story. My husband and I were only on Cumberland for about 30 hours, and this is just one story from that time. I have more. This is story that I’m telling this morning.