How to Make an Event Photo Booth Inexpensive & Fun!

Why are Photo Booth’s so popular at weddings and events these days?

In a word — Fun!

Fun for guests, fun for the photographer and fun the hosts later enjoying the photos. And although you can get pretty crazy with backdrops, props and all kind of special equipment, you can also do one fairly inexpensively.

Last weekend, I was the photo booth photographer at a wedding. The bride kept it simple, purchasing a queen sized bed sheet from Target on sale for the backdrop and some fun dollar store props. I used two simple stands with a rod across (it needs to be fairly tall – at least 8 feet to accommodate tall folks and their hats!) and clamps to attach the sheet.  It was night-time which meant that we had to use flash. A daytime setup would be a breeze!

In most cases I took at least two shots of each group, you really can’t count on everyone in the photo staying perfectly still. The fun for the guests is the goofiness of the costumes, so you don’t want the photographer getting up tight about movement in the shots. We had the table below set up with silly hats, glasses, wands, swords, mustaches on sticks and other paraphernalia. Several of the guests had their photo taken multiple times with different get-ups.



The booth did become more popular as the night went on… no big surprise there! Here are two of my favorite photos from the event.






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