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September 30, 2010

Take Fewer Photos!

Sure, the beauty of digital photography is that you can delete the bad shots, but the problem is, you have to go through all those photos, to find the good ones. AND, if you were so busy taking pictures during the entire event, were you able to be present and enjoy it? Sometimes a camera can be a great tool to put down!

Now, I’m not saying, that you should STOP taking photos. I’m just saying that fewer photos might be better in some instances, especially trip and event photos. In the end, the photos I really care about are the ones that include my family (looking fairly presentable), signs (***Big Tip Here! Sign photos are so helpful later in pinpointing where you were when a photo is taken), and a few nice scenery photos.

Obviously, if you are looking for that a beautiful shot of your child, that catches gorgeous light in their eyes and an expression that feels so “them”, then  you’ll need to take a lot of shots. If this is your fifth trip to Disney, you don’t need one more photo of Mickey. Right?

When you get home, you’ll be so grateful that you have fewer photos to process and organize.

The quick thought for today is try taking fewer, but more meaningful shots.