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October 14, 2010

Triathlon Done – Now What?

When you’ve set a goal and achieved it; sometimes afterwards there is a let down. Not here, because my sprint tri last Sunday was an intermediate goal. My end goal is to be healthy, fit and strong (and have some fun doing it!) The race was hard, but not has hard as I expected. I really wondered if I’d make it through the run (it comes last). I lasted. I wondered if I’d panic swimming in a crowd of other people with them touching me. I didn’t. I never dreamed I’d fall off my bike. I did.

Aside from all the pre-race training with Neely Hunter in preparation for the race, there were two women who helped me tremendously during the race. Jackie from Rhode Island (she sounded just like my RI relatives!) and Cheryl from South Carolina. During the bike race, Jackie passed me and encouraged me to pass her back. We kept that up for about the last 9 miles of the race, trading off being in front. It kept me motivated and moving at my best speed. Thanks Jackie!!! During the 5k run portion, I saw a woman about my age or a bit older running at  pace that I liked. And I decided to keep up with her; again, I was motivated by another competitor. At some point, I slowed down and she kept going. I know she helped me finish the run portion with pride! Thanks Cheryl!!!

I learned a few things that will come in handy when I participate in another triathlon:

  1. When you are a 55 yr old woman, don’t register as a novice, register in your age group. I would have won first place in my age category had I done so. OK, the truth is there weren’t ANY women who registered in that age category. There were a few 55+ aged women, but they were all registered as novices. And I wouldn’t have been first if all of us had registered in our age group!
  2. Don’t try to mount your beach cruiser like it’s a racing bike (see fall).
  3. Transition times really do matter if you care about where you place. (I really just wanted to finish, next time I’ll care about my placement.)

So, now what? Since the goal is to be healthy, fit and strong, we keep going. Luckily, Neely is the brains behind our training. Mostly, I show up and do whatever she suggests.  Our swimming routine picked up Wednesday where we left off; focusing on improving our speed while finishing a mile about three times a week. We haven’t talked about biking yet, but Tuesday we were at the track walking (I was too sore to run).  Today, we began interval running again, focusing on speed instead of endurance. I liked it and when we were done I was sweating and I’m pretty sure my heart rate was up.

Now, as one last aside, I do have a question about my time. Clearly at the finish line my time is less than 2 hours which I’m thrilled about, however, the time there (1:57:42) doesn’t jive with my posted race results time. What’s up with that?

September 27, 2010

A is for Athlete, Tri & Adidas

Big Picture Classes offers wonderful online classes related to scrapbooking, photography and other crafty adventures.

My absolute favorite blogger, Cathy Zielske is currently teaching a class called Me, The Abridged Version. The idea, taken from a book called “The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life“, is to create an A to Z book of simple paragraphs that tell about yourself. So, for those of us who think scrapbooks are all about the kiddos, here is one class that is all about the scrapbooker! There’s a little blinkie in my sidebar that will show you more details about the class, although, I believe it is too late to sign up now. The class is two weeks in, and so far I’ve got entries for the letters A & B. Go me!

I’m enjoying the writing, playing with Photoshop Elements and generally thinking about what I like and who I am. I’m making digital pages, cause I love them! I normally use Creative Memories Storybook Plus Digital Software, but the template for this class is based in Photoshop Elements, so I decided to learn something new. My papers are from Creative Memories Day to Day Kit.

If you want to read the entries for A on my page, you can click on it, and see the text a bit bigger.

Oddly, I wrote the Athlete entry before my “tri” partner and I had actually “tri”ed to combine all three in a single workout. As fate would have it, the following day we did all three. Wow! HMMMM! Hope I can complete the race!

It’s just two weeks away and yesterdays “tri” run was challenging to say the least. We did about half of what we will do on October 10th. I learned a few things… ocean water tastes very salty (ok I already knew that, but I’ve never really swam with my head down in the ocean), biking into a headwind does not rock, and I need to make sure I eat enough so that I don’t feel like passing out or puking (my spell check is telling me I’ve got this spelled wrong, maybe it’s really saying I’m being inappropriate! oh well) when I’m done.

OK, enough of the gory details. I”m still proud of myself, and I’m proud to feel like an athlete once more!